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10 Little Known Facts about Warren Buffett and How They Can Help Your Finances

Warren Buffett is well-known for his financial advice. As one of the wealthiest and most financially savvy people in the world, it’s no wonder that many people look up to him for advice and guidance. However, many of his tips … Continue reading

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Eventually Saving Money is Easy

Recently, an acquaintance asked me for some financial advice. “Give me your easiest financial tips. You know, stuff that I don’t have to work too hard at. I’ve got to pay off some debt and save up some cash for … Continue reading

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Is Financial Advice A Disservice?

In many of my articles, and those of other writers, a common theme can be found. Most financial writers, myself included, tell people that they have to choose what to do with their money. We advocate choosing between life experiences … Continue reading

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When An Over-Spender Ruins Someone You Love

In the interest of protecting the innocent (and the guilty) in this piece, I’m calling the couple in this story Jake and Joan. They are people I know in real life, but I’m not going to say whether they’re friends, … Continue reading

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The Best Financial Advice Ever Given

My uncle recently passed away. This would not normally be something that I would share with others, but he also gave me the best financial advice I have ever received. This is advice I would like to share with you … Continue reading

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I Just Can’t Live Within My Means!

The other day I heard someone make the argument that most financial advice was of no use to them because it assumes that you have some extra money, you just need to “find it.” “I literally have no extra money,” … Continue reading

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Ways I Don’t Follow Common Financial Advice and Still Save Money

I’ve never been much of a follower. Even as a youngster, I had to find my own way to do things, even if they didn’t measure up to what everyone else was doing. As a single parent for many years, … Continue reading

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Why You Should Find A Financial Mentor

I’m very careful with my money, but everything about it is not clear as crystal. Every year around January, questions I have to ask about taxes, income, claims and reporting. Later, around September, I do my business finances and re-configure … Continue reading

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Financial Advice from a Call Girl: How Great Sex Can Make You Rich

When people think about the best financial advice they have ever received, it usually comes from a family member, a close mentor or a financial guru. So it’s with a bit of embarrassment that I must admit that the best … Continue reading

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Ten Great Bits of Financial Advice

It’s been said that when you take free advice, you should remember that you get what you pay for. I agree that it’s important to evaluate any advice — free or not — before following it, but rejecting all free … Continue reading

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