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How to Write an Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

Accounting and finance are the most popular faculties nowadays. Young people want to connect their future with business and finance; therefore, more and more students apply for the educational institutions to study these disciplines. A personal statement (also known as … Continue reading

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Weekend Money Reading Roundup

Weekend reading is a round-up of personal finance and money related stories that caught the eye of our forum members this week: Americans finally start saving again Tips for New Paupers Searching For a Market Bottom? Keep Looking 10 more … Continue reading

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Saving Money Can Be Social

Why do many people opt to spend rather than save money? Because saving isn’t fun. It’s not as much fun as going to the movies, or out to eat, or to an amusement park. And why is that? Because many … Continue reading

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What The Wizard of Oz Taught Me About Finance

The Wizard of Oz was a big deal when I was a kid. It only played on television once a year, and I made sure I didn’t miss it. Of course I didn’t realize it at the time, but this … Continue reading

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Summer Finance Fun for Kids

School is out and the kids are home. If it hasn’t happened already, chances are it won’t be long before you hear those famous words: “I’m bored.” Now would be a good time to use that boredom to teach kids … Continue reading

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Free (Or Nearly Free) Entertainment For Every Week of the Year

A lot of people ask me: “If you don’t watch TV and you choose to limit movies, clubs, restaurants, etc. in order to save money, what do you do for entertainment? Aren’t you bored?” I usually look at them, dumbfounded, … Continue reading

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Financial Lessons Learned at the Bridal Show

This past weekend I went to the annual bridal expo with a friend who is getting married soon. As my wedding was many years ago, I was astounded to see how far the bridal industry has come. Or maybe I … Continue reading

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