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The Mango Visa Prepaid Debit Card… Which Offers 6% Interest!

Yes, the Mango Prepaid Debit Card gives 6% interest for funds held in the complimentary¬†savings account (at First Bank & Trust). This high interest rate pales in comparison to traditional savings accounts. 6% is completely outrageous for 2015! It’s definitely … Continue reading

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10 Money Mistakes to Avoid When You Travel

Traveling should be fun and/or relaxing. Financial headaches can destroy a trip in a hurry. Before heading out, make sure not to make any of these financial mistakes: 1. Not Telling Your Bank about Your Trip You should always notify … Continue reading

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Should I Balance Transfer My Credit Card? 7 Terrible Mistakes People Make

By Beverly Harzog, author of Confessions of a Credit Junkie If you’re in credit card debt and you’re paying a lot of interest expense, you probably feel like you’ll never be free of the debt. Hey, I know that feeling. … Continue reading

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When It’s a Good Idea to Pay a Fee

If you spend any time in the frugal/budget world, you’re likely to come away with the idea that you should reject all fees. If it means switching banks, changing how you pay for things, switching airlines, or dumping credit cards, … Continue reading

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8 Reasons Why You Need to Read Your Bills Every Month

The mail comes, you glance at your bills and drop them in the “To Be Paid” pile. Then, on the appointed day, you write out the checks or direct the online bill pay to do its thing and then you … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why I Love Our Credit Union

Since I landed my first job at age 15, I have been with the same bank. It is a credit union open only to residents of Washington State and I love the perks it gives us. When my husband and … Continue reading

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