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Labor Department Says Economy Created 280000 New Jobs in May

The economy appears to be in better shape than many economists had thought. The Department of Labor released the monthly jobs report which featured strong numbers for May. The report showed US businesses added 280,000 new positions for the month, … Continue reading

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Strong December Jobs Report Looks Good, but Wages Fail to Keep Pace

The years 2008 and 2009 were characterized by loss: the loss of approximately 8.4 million jobs, the loss of consumer confidence in the markets, as well as steep declines in the values of homes. What did increase were the federal … Continue reading

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US Stocks Fail to Secure Wall Street Gain for Sixth Week in a Row

The winning streak couldn’t last forever, and US stocks finally hit a small speed bump on Friday and closed lower for the first time after five weeks of gains and record highs. The good news is that the retreat in … Continue reading

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Americans Love Debt Again: Consumer Credit Card Spending Surges by $8.8 Billion

Consumers seem to have forgotten their lesson that debt is not their friend. In what might be a positive sign for the economy that consumer spending is increasing, the April data from the Federal Reserve isn’t good news for those … Continue reading

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