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CFPB Fines Sprint $105 Million for Mobile Phone Bill Cramming Fees

Can you read your cell phone bill? There are a lot of people who can’t, and it has nothing to do with their ability to read. It’s because some phone bills are intentionally confusing. Why would phone companies want you … Continue reading

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Marriott Fined $600,000 for Blocking Competing Personal Wi-Fi Hotspots

It’s a surefire way to make a lot of money. If a hotel wants those using their facility to use their in-house Internet service, simply block out competing Wi-Fi hotspots so the customers really don’t have a choice. With the … Continue reading

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FCC Extends Net Neutrality Deadline as Writers Guild Pushes for More Feedback

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) increased the amount of time people have to reply to comments on the issue of net neutrality rules by five days. The previous deadline had been set for September 10, but it has now been … Continue reading

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Consumers Win as Sprint and T-Mobile Deal Collapses

The announcement today that Sprint Corporation is no longer chasing the purchase of T-Mobile isn’t likely to be noticed much by anyone other than those in the mobile industry, but it’s something all consumers should happily celebrate, at least when … Continue reading

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Largest Fine Ever: Signal Jammer Company Faces $34.9 Million Fine from FCC

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that the Chinese electronics maker CTS Technology will face a fine of $34.9 million, the largest fine in the FCC’s history. The company is being fined for marketing devices which illegally block phone calls … Continue reading

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