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Reasons You Really Should Quit Facebook for 99 Days of Freedom

We all know that we spend more time than we should on Facebook. After Facebook conducted a controversial experiment to see if they were able to manipulated people’s emotions (which they were), more people began to question whether being on … Continue reading

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Facebook Study That Manipulated Users: Why You Should Be Concerned

When you signed up for Facebook, you probably didn’t think that one of the things you agreed to was to let the company do psychological tests on you, but that’s what Facebook claims you did. They contend one of the … Continue reading

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Facebook Can Manipulate Your Emotions Says Secret Experiment on 700,000 Users

You may not have realized it, but as part of the terms and conditions you agree to when using Facebook, you allow the company to treat you like a rat in experiments they want to conduct. Yes, you read that … Continue reading

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15 Ways to Deal With Emotions Without Retail Therapy

“I’m so messed up. I’m going out for a little retail therapy. Wanna come?” So began a recent conversation with my neighbor. I’ll admit that she’s got every reason to be upset: Her kids are in trouble, there are financial … Continue reading

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10 Things That Don’t Seem To Be About Money, But Really Are

Many people fail to realize that almost all aspects of our lives are intricately weaved together with our finances, but it’s crucially important to understand that even things that don’t initially seem to have anything to do with finances or … Continue reading

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