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Ways People Make Money Playing McDonald’s Monopoly 2014

While the vast majority of people look forward to McDonald’s Monopoly each year for the prizes (most notably, the $1 million Boardwalk game piece prize), there are a set of people who look forward to the game for a different … Continue reading

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eBay in Talks to Facilitate Bitcoin Transactions for a Paypal Subsidiary

As more and more companies accept Bitcoin, the fact that these companies do accept the virtual currency gives it more credibility as a legitimate currency for transactions. The latest news reported by the Wall Street Journal is that eBay is … Continue reading

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One Cent Check

I walked out to get my mail yesterday to find an unexpected check in the mail. Of course, I am always thrilled when I get unexpected checks in the mail. Usually they are for rebates that I forgot about and … Continue reading

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Yard Sale Should Be The Sale of Last Resort

I very much enjoyed a recent Saving Advice column that considered the etiquette of having a yard sale. The writer made several excellent points about how a seller should approach a yard sale and what can and should be sold … Continue reading

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I Found My Emergency Fund in My Closet

By Leslie R. One of the most difficult things for me to do was build up my emergency fund. It seemed that I lived every two weeks paycheck to paycheck and there was no buffer when emergencies did happen. No … Continue reading

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