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Christmas In a Down Economy

Now that Halloween is over, the retailers have removed the gloves and stopped pretending like any other holiday matters. It’s now full speed ahead to Christmas. Usually I dread this time of year. I enjoy Christmas itself but I hate … Continue reading

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Brother, Can You Spare Some Time?

With this downturning economy, even governments are having a hard time. My own city is facing at least a $4 million dollar decrease in revenues, and my state is facing more than $140 million in shortfalls. One alternative to getting … Continue reading

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Liquidation Sale Risks: Often Not the Deal They Appear to Be

One side effect of a down economy is that many retailers end up going bankrupt or closing unprofitable locations. They are then forced to liquidate their assets and have sales in order to clean out the stores. Very often, even … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Get Your House Ready for Sale

I was chatting with a neighbor the other day and he mentioned that he is having the entry to his home renovated. I was surprised, since his home is relatively new and, I think, quite nice. He laughed and said … Continue reading

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