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88,000 Working Age Adult Deaths Each Year in US Due to Alcohol

When people think about alcohol and death, the immediate thought is usually about drinking and driving, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the different ways people die when alcohol is involved. According to a … Continue reading

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We Are All Going to Die

A few years ago, I faced my mortality head on. An unexpected allergic reaction nearly killed me. Up to that point I, like most people, hadn’t spent a lot of time thinking about death. Sure, I’d done the unpleasant task … Continue reading

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Is There Such A Thing As An Emergency?

Financial writers (myself included) often talk about the “emergency fund.” This is money you set aside so that you can pay for things like medical expenses, car repairs, home repairs, or some other sudden, necessary expense. Having extra money set … Continue reading

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You Only Live Once, So Don’t Blow It

A woman that I know casually from church recently lost her husband. He died after a long illness at the young age of forty-two. Any way you look at it, it’s a tragedy. However, there is one bright spot. The … Continue reading

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Turning Awful Events to Your Advantage

No one (at least not anyone sane) wishes for awful things to happen in life. Death, illness, fire, floods and disasters are things no one likes to think about. We dread the day when we get that phone call telling … Continue reading

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At The End of Your Life, You Aren’t Going To Want To Spend Money

One of the biggest excuses that I hear for spending money you don’t have is that you might die tomorrow. “What if I’m hit by a bus tomorrow and I didn’t go on that vacation, or have that car, or … Continue reading

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Death At WalMart

The Circle of Life is almost complete at Walmart. I just discovered that Walmart now offers a large selection of caskets for those of us who are planning for the great hereafter. I suppose that it can’t be too long … Continue reading

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The Importance of Doing What You Know You Should

We talk a lot here at Saving Advice about the things you “should” do. Make a will and keep it updated, keep your financial affairs in order, plan for the succession/sale of any businesses you might own, get life insurance, … Continue reading

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How to Maintain Your Finances in Difficult Times

When my mother died, I worried a lot about my father. How will he cope? What will he eat? Despite my worrying, I didn’t need to worry much about his finances. His forethought saved his financial life, despite our family’s … Continue reading

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