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10 Ways Traveling Can Help Your Finances

While traveling can be fun, it also tends to be expensive. Whether you’re traveling for work, school, personal reasons, or vacation, you’re usually going to spend some money on your trip. However, you can learn some valuable financial lessons from … Continue reading

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Not Feeling Guilty About Freebies

Like most people, I love to find a bargain. A BOGO deal coupled with a great coupon is a cause for great pride. A 90%-off clearance sale where I can find things that I will actually use is a great … Continue reading

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Ten Ways to Keep the Cost of Eyeglasses Low

Eyeglasses are an oddball purchase. Most people who need them will buy them, but the amount they pay can vary greatly without much difference in quality. There are a few ways, however, to find glasses you like for a price … Continue reading

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When Trying to Save Money Can Cost You

The other day my husband and I went to a specific grocery store that we don’t normally shop at to pick up some ice-cream that was on sale. Normally this particular kind of ice-cream (my husband’s absolute favorite) is at … Continue reading

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5 Rules for Taking Advantage of a 0% Interest Rate Offer

“No interest and no payments for an entire year!” This statement can stop people in their tracks when shopping and often times is the deciding factor on a particular purchase. But this statement can be a dangerous one if you … Continue reading

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Sacrifice Without Deprivation

Everyone knows you have to sacrifice in order to spend less and save more. Just how much you are willing to sacrifice depends on how much you want to save or how quickly you want to pay off debt. It … Continue reading

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