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LifeLock Says Those Getting Married Are Eight Times More Likely to Experience Identity Theft

Getting married or having a child should be a wonderfully happy time where you shouldn’t have to worry about others taking advantage of you, but that’s exactly what a lot of scam artists do. A survey conducted earlier this year … Continue reading

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What’s A Real Date? Day 19

Apparently, my thoughts of going to a coffee shop or hiking don’t qualify as a “real date” according to my sister. While I realize this is just another attempt by her to try to get me to spend more money … Continue reading

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I Have A Date: Day 16

Apparently I have a lot of friends and acquaintances who believe that, much like my sister, I should be dating someone. I’m not sure exactly how I feel about this, but after I mentioned that my sister thinks that I … Continue reading

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Do I Really Have To Try To Date? Day 10

Apparently my sister is not only my sister, but also an evil genius on par with all the worst comic book villains of all time in her ability to morph things in ways to get her intended purpose no matter … Continue reading

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Get Paid to Date: Strange Ways to Make Money

If you’ve ever wished that you could get paid to go out on a date, maybe you should sign up at What’s Your Price. This site matches “generous” users with “attractive” people (these are the site’s words, not mine). Generous … Continue reading

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101 Inexpensive Dates That Aren’t Cheap

Planning an effective date is both an art and a science. It is a science because successful planning requires both an understanding of your partner and an understanding of where you are in your relationship. It is an art because … Continue reading

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How I Failed the Champagne Girl Dating Test

Beer guys shouldn’t date girls. The party was out of my league. For the champagne girl, it was likely beneath her. Even though I knew this, I still approached her and struck up a conversation. In retrospect, I should have … Continue reading

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