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Detailed American Express Savings Account Review

That’s right – American Express offers more than just credit cards. They also offer a way to save money – by way of an actual savings account. This was news to me as well until recently. I want to start … Continue reading

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What is the Costco Return Policy?

Besides being able to buy all of your favorite foods and household items in bulk, Costco is known for another amazing thing that impresses its customers — it has an unbeatable return policy. Although most retail stores offer some type … Continue reading

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21 Reasons Dave Ramsey Sucks at Giving Credit Score Advice

There are huge disadvantages of having no credit score. I actually know this better than most. After living over ten years in Japan, I came back to the US naively assuming that the credit history I had built over there … Continue reading

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13 Important Skills Kids Learn When Running a Business

When I was growing up, there was a girl up the street who was constantly running some sort of business. She did lemonade stands in the summer, bake sales, dog walking, car washing, lawn mowing, rented books and toys to … Continue reading

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When The Manufacturer Won’t Honor The Warranty: How to Get Service

You’d think that if a manufacturer offers a warranty, getting service or a replacement under that warranty would be easy. You’d think that al you’d have to do is call the manufacturer, provide proof of purchase, and get your problem … Continue reading

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The Cheesecake Factory: How To Lose A Customer For Life

It’s pretty hard to lose me as a customer. I am usually quite forgiving and realize that everyone has their bad days and things can go wrong that are not the fault of the person I’m dealing with. I almost … Continue reading

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Don’t Be A Doormat

I recently wrote a piece about not being embarrassed to walk away from a bad deal. It’s better to deal with the embarrassment than to get stuck with something you hate. Deal making is a tricky business. You don’t want … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Credit Unions Are Better Than Banks

If you still have your money in a big bank, you may not be getting the most out of it. More and more people are moving their money from the big corporate banks into smaller credit unions for a variety … Continue reading

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Bad Service + Lack of Spending = Continued Economic Problems

I’ve noticed a side effect of the bad economy that may end up prolonging our economic woes. It’s called poor customer service. The other day I had to return something to a big box electronics store. The line in the … Continue reading

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