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What Banks Are Open on Sunday?

The vast majority of financial institutions, including banks and credit unions, are not open on Sunday. While many retail outlets are open on both Saturday and Sunday, banks and credit unions work a lot like many non-retail businesses that are … Continue reading

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Are Banks Open Good Friday, Easter Sunday & Monday 2016?

Note: This article has been updated for 2016 When holidays roll around, people often wonder if their local bank or credit union branch will be open during the holiday and the days around it. It can be frustrating going to … Continue reading

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10 Common Credit Union Myths

There is a lot to love about credit unions, especially when they’re compared to banks. They lack the huge conglomerate feel that many big banks have, and they often have a local flavor which lets them release a quirky video … Continue reading

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10 Advantages of Keeping All of Your Accounts at One Financial Institution

Last week I wrote a piece about the advantages of keeping accounts at multiple financial institutions. The benefits range from having fall back money if one account is compromised to taking advantage of the strengths of certain types of banks. … Continue reading

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10 Advantages of Using Multiple Financial Institutions

I have several acquaintances that do all of their banking with one institution. (Typically it’s the bank that holds their mortgage or where they have a large investment account like an IRA or 401K.) They use that one bank for … Continue reading

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How To Avoid Debit Card Fees

New legislation that took effect on October 1st means that banks can no longer collect exorbitant fees from merchants whenever you swipe your debit card. What does this mean for you? Your bank will now likely switch to collecting those … Continue reading

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Save to Win: How A Lottery Bank Account Taught Me to Save Money

By Dean L. When you read those statistics about Americans not saving money and going into credit card debt, you could place me as the poster child of the movement. Not only do I have a huge amount of credit … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why I Love Our Credit Union

Since I landed my first job at age 15, I have been with the same bank. It is a credit union open only to residents of Washington State and I love the perks it gives us. When my husband and … Continue reading

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