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Possible to Pay Your Mortgage with a Credit Card? Yes.

Racking up credit card rewards can be¬†exhilarating. It’s free money and it’s yours just for being smart enough to take advantage¬†of the free money. Lots of people chase credit card rewards. There are countless blogs all over the web about … Continue reading

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Gift Cards: My Secret Emergency Supply Item

Ah, hurricane season is here again. That means it’s time to check over the emergency kit and make sure I have enough water, food, and other supplies to make it through several days if we should lose power. Even if … Continue reading

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A Life Without Debt: Grudgingly Taking the Punishment

The other day I was feeling punished for my good financial habits. My savings are earning pitiful interest, thanks to the low rates in place to prop up the economy. There are no mortgage or housing breaks for me, since … Continue reading

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Charge It! But Watch The Rewards

When I was in the 6th grade, Mrs. Nygren (my teacher, may she rest in peace) used to admonish the class that no one should ever buy anything on credit except for a house. She was adamant. If we could … Continue reading

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