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I Have No Money

It’s one of the worst feelings you can ever have. That moment when you see there is still a week left until you get you next paycheck and you have no money, little food and you have no idea how … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Your College Student Graduate with Debt

Financial responsibility is a crucial part of the college experience for those attending both university online and on campus, yet some personal finance skills remain foreign to students as they prepare for college. Parents have the task of preparing their … Continue reading

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What Counts as Being Debt Free? – A Life Without Debt

In writing this column, one of the things that I see frequently in the comment trail is an argument about what counts as being debt free. Some people argue that debt free means freedom from consumer debt such as credit … Continue reading

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Going Into Debt to Have Kids

By Maggie Ellis It is widely taught in financial education that there are only two kinds of debt that can be considered “good debt”: A mortgage and student loans (as long as they aren’t beyond your ability to repay comfortably). … Continue reading

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Start Cutting Immediately to Save a Sinking Ship

An acquaintance came to me the other day and told me a sad story. She has been unemployed since December and unable to find work. Her husband also lost his job around the same time and although he has since … Continue reading

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A Life Without Debt: You Can Be Debt Free and Still Use Credit Cards

Several financial experts (most notably Dave Ramsey) preach that, if you want to become and remain debt free, you must not use credit cards. Ever. Their reasoning is that, a) it is too easy to get into the debt trap … Continue reading

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A Life Without Debt: Building Wealth

If you are at all interested in finance, you’ve probably heard that it is necessary to be debt free in order to build substantial wealth. While a few gifted investors manage to build wealth while having a lot of real … Continue reading

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Dave Ramsey Falters in a Crummy Economy

By Maggie Ellis, guest writer I know many people who are followers of Dave Ramsey’s financial advice. Since the economy has tanked, it seems like I’m seeing even more people joining the Dave bandwagon, looking for a way out of … Continue reading

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10 Reasons People Retire Poor

There are a lot of things that you can do that will negatively affect your retirement fund with most of them having to do with not beginning early enough or putting money toward other things instead of retirement. Here are … Continue reading

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