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CDC Continues Shock Campaign to Get Smokers to Quit with New Set of Ads

Smoking costs a lot of money, and people should quit the habit for financial reasons alone. Not only is there the direct cost of the cigarettes, but there are also a large number of indirect costs. For example, the cars, … Continue reading

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Do E-Cigs Save Money Over Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, commonly referred to as e-cigs, have become more common over the past decade. You might have seen someone smoking one in public or even in an enclosed space, such as a restaurant or bar. These devices are battery … Continue reading

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The Myth That Quitting Smoking Will Save Money

I know that what I’m about to write will go against everything that conventional wisdom and financial experts preach, but the truth is that quitting smoking does not save money — at least not in the short-term. Let’s start by … Continue reading

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Smoking Costs Much More Than The Price of Cigarettes

Most people only consider the cost of cigarettes when they calculate how much smoking is costing them. It’s easy to calculate this cost as you know exactly how much you are handing over in cash for each pack of cigarettes … Continue reading

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