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Americans Love Debt Again: Consumer Credit Card Spending Surges by $8.8 Billion

Consumers seem to have forgotten their lesson that debt is not their friend. In what might be a positive sign for the economy that consumer spending is increasing, the April data from the Federal Reserve isn’t good news for those … Continue reading

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Consumer Borrowing Increase Verifies Consumers Still Stink at Finances

If there was any ray of hope that US consumers could learn the lesson that consumer debt was not their friend, and try to part ways with it, the latest numbers suggest that consumers have no intention of breaking up … Continue reading

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What Counts as Being Debt Free? – A Life Without Debt

In writing this column, one of the things that I see frequently in the comment trail is an argument about what counts as being debt free. Some people argue that debt free means freedom from consumer debt such as credit … Continue reading

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A Life Without Debt: Setting The Example

If you’re debt free, chances are that you are one of the few in your family or circle of friends who is. In the circle of people I know well, only my parents and two close friends are debt free. … Continue reading

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The Four Keys to a Successful Financial Future

There are many things you can do to improve your finances. We talk a lot about the various ways to cut your spending and increase your savings, both big and small. All the options can be difficult to sort out. … Continue reading

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