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Is Brand Loyalty Costing You Money?

Most of us have brands and products that we prefer over others. Maybe we prefer the taste or we’ve found that Product A works better than Product B. Sometimes our loyalty is rooted in the prestige a brand confers upon … Continue reading

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Is Your Frugality Making Other People Crazy?

I don’t like to spend money. There, I’ve admitted it. Even when it’s for something that I know I’ll love and can easily afford, something inside me clenches up and I don’t want to spend. (I blame genetics. My father … Continue reading

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A Life Without Debt: Deprivation vs. Compromise

A couple that we are friendly with recently asked us to go to a play with them. We were interested because the play was one we’d been wanting to see for some time. However, tickets for this production were $60 … Continue reading

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10 Ways to Survive Vacationing With People of Different Means

If you ever vacation with friends or family, chances are that one of your journeys will eventually find you traveling with people whose financial means are different from yours. They may have more money than you (or be more willing … Continue reading

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