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15 Important Things Money Can’t Buy

Money could easily be considered one of the most consuming aspects of our lives. We are constantly worrying about money issues: how to earn it, where to spend it, how to spend it and how to save it. Considering how … Continue reading

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The High Cost of Knowing Better

Here in the South, the common joke is that many disasters, spectacular events, or both begin with the phrase, “Hey, ya’ll, watch this!” Usually after yelling that phrase, the person does something unbelievably stupid like jump off a barn roof … Continue reading

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Everyday Common Sense & Patience Will Save Money

Sometimes, common sense escapes even the most intelligent of people. We all make fundamental assumptions. Drawers should slide open and slide closed. Doors should behave in a similar fashion. When they do not, something very primitive and entirely irrational possesses … Continue reading

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