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Scared Broke

Your toilet is full of germs! Your tooth enamel is eroding! Your soap dispenser can give you a disease! Criminals are waiting to break into your home the second you turn your back! You could have a disease and not … Continue reading

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Fast Food Hamburger Ad vs Reality

Have you ever wondered why the look of fast food is always so much different in the ads than it is in reality? It’s because they hire professional food make-up artists to make the food look better than it ever … Continue reading

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Advertisements That Work on Me

A number of people have pointed out that advertisements that insult consumers use these ads because they work and that I must be affected by ads, too. I agree with these comments. I never said that those particular ad strategies … Continue reading

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Twelve Ways Advertisers Insult Consumers

Advertising sells products. Yet, for all the time advertisers spend trying to make their products stand out, many ads don’t seem to be very well thought out. In fact, many of them have the opposite of the intended effect on … Continue reading

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