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10 Life Choices That Will Hurt Your Finances

Sometimes people make life choices that end up negatively affecting them in their future. Life doesn’t always make things easy and when things get difficult, it can be difficult to make a good choice. Unfortunately, we live in a society … Continue reading

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Graduating College Without Debt

My neighbor’s child, Lisa, just graduated from college. She could have gone to some prestigious private schools or out-of-state colleges, but she chose to go to a smaller in-state college to save big bucks on tuition. She also considered a … Continue reading

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Sometimes, It Doesn’t Pay to Save

“Act now, and you may be able to pay less than you owe!” proclaims an ad for debt consolidation services. I’m all for paying off debts, but I was offended. Why should some people be allowed to pay less than … Continue reading

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Can You Help Me Figure Out How To Afford To Attend College? (Your Advice)

Most of those who attend college don’t have their parents paying for it or have a scholarship that pays for a full ride. That means that they are responsible for at least a portion of the cost of going to … Continue reading

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