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Tourists Throwing Coins Changing the Colors of Yellowstone’s Hot Spring Pools

Have you ever wondered what type of impact tourism can have on the natural environment? Researchers at Montana State University, in a joint effort with researchers from the University of Applied Sciences in Germany, have done just that. Using a … Continue reading

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From Bitcoin to Bullion: The Tangibility of Currency

By David Parkman As economic systems advance and evolve, so too does their system of currency. From the earliest days of our ancestors, the exchange of physical goods used for survival has been a staple of human communication and the … Continue reading

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20 Great Places to Find Coins

I like to walk and when I walk, I am always on the lookout for coins. I don’t really consciously do this — it has become a habit over the years. What I do know is that most years I … Continue reading

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Hunting for Change

Along with tracking my “penny wise” savings this year, another thing I vowed to do was to track where I found money. I don’t mean “finding” as in digging in my couch cushions or getting my tax refund. I mean … Continue reading

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