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CDC Continues Shock Campaign to Get Smokers to Quit with New Set of Ads

Smoking costs a lot of money, and people should quit the habit for financial reasons alone. Not only is there the direct cost of the cigarettes, but there are also a large number of indirect costs. For example, the cars, … Continue reading

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Do E-Cigs Save Money Over Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, commonly referred to as e-cigs, have become more common over the past decade. You might have seen someone smoking one in public or even in an enclosed space, such as a restaurant or bar. These devices are battery … Continue reading

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How Soda & A Pack of Cigs Kept Me from Buying My Dream Truck

Ok, I admit it. I have a serious addiction. Two of them in fact. Everyday, I allow myself one soda and a pack of cigarettes. On Saturday, I have two sodas. My elixir of choice is Diet Mountain Dew. I’ve … Continue reading

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