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Journaling For A Frugal, More Productive Life

Keeping a journal both inspires me and helps to keep me organized and moving forward in my life. Something about writing things down makes them much clearer to me. I used to think that journaling had to be a record … Continue reading

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The National Park Pass Will Save Me Over $1000 This Year

April 16 -24 is National Park Week which celebrates and recognizes national and state parks, national monuments, and historic sites in the U.S. All national parks have free entrance this week, so you still have time to visit a national … Continue reading

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The One-Month Spending Crash-Diet: Weeks 2-3

I can see it. The end. It’s almost here. We only have one week left of no-spend month, where we vowed to only spend $400 for all of November on everything we need, including groceries, entertainment, and gas. But it’s … Continue reading

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