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10 Bill Gates Money Tips Everyone Should Follow

Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest people in the world and while he doesn’t often speak about money, stocks, or investments, he’s given some pretty great advice over the years. Much of his advice applies to business ventures, personal … Continue reading

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I Want That: Day 30 & 31

I rarely get the consumer bug. Anyone that knows me well also know that if you want to take me shopping, chances are you’re going to have to drag me screaming and yelling the entire way. I rarely “lust” after … Continue reading

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Comfort Zone: Minimum Wage Challenge

I’m an introvert. This usually surprises most people that I meet, but that’s because most people don’t really understand introverts well. There’s an assumption that introverts are shy, quiet and timid, but anyone who knows me knows that those descriptions … Continue reading

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The Power of Perspective

This year marked the 5 year anniversary of my Grandfather’s passing. When he died, it was like losing my father. In fact, he was the only father figure in my life for my first 8 years until my mother remarried. … Continue reading

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