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Crash Test Dummies Get Morbidly Obese for Car Wreck Accuracy Purposes

Crash-test dummies have been putting on the pounds as of late. Dummy maker Humanetics has created a new line of crash-test dummies that are about 100 pounds heavier than their previous models. Dummies now weigh 270 pounds each, and have … Continue reading

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The Importance of Living Well: Day 4

One of the main aspects of this minimum wage challenge is for me to not only live on the salary, but to live well on it. I think that my image of “living well” may not be the same as … Continue reading

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The Financial Cost of Texting and Driving

I don’t consider myself a soapbox preacher, but the issue of texting and driving is one of those that gets me going. It frustrates me to no end that people think those little messages are so important that they are … Continue reading

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