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Did the Rise in Packaged Holidays Increase the Number of People with Skin Cancer?

When you think of a holiday, thoughts of the bright sun, warm sand and clear waters might come to mind. Conversely, thoughts of melanoma and skin cancer would likely remain in the back of your mind if they appear at … Continue reading

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Breastfeeding Gives Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer A Reduced Risk of Dying

According to statistics from BreastCancer.org, approximately 1 in 8 U.S. women (or about 12 percent) will develop invasive breast cancer in the course of her lifetime. And despite the decreasing incidence rates (which have been falling since 2000), 232,670 new … Continue reading

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Caramel Coloring in Cola and Soda May Cause 5000 Cancer Cases Each Year

There are a lot of reasons to quit drinking soda. It can save you a lot of money. There are plenty of healthier alternatives. The biggest reason, however, may be for your health. Soft drink manufacturers have been facing some … Continue reading

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Women Should Substitute Poultry for Red Meat to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Women who thought it might be okay to begin eating red meat again might want to take a moment to reconsider. It seems women who want to reduce their risk of breast cancer should substitute a meal consisting of red … Continue reading

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