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Pacific Ocean Warm Blob May Cause California Drought

At best, this year’s weather has been called “odd.” During the East Coast winter, it seemed to snow massive amounts each week and when it wasn’t snowing, the weather proved bone-chillingly cold. The West Coast has instead been “warm and … Continue reading

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NASA Warns US Southwest Facing a Long Term MegaDrought

There are those who strongly believe that man-made climate change will destroy the earth — and others who just as strongly deny such claims. Regardless of your own views about this debate, it is clear that places in the United … Continue reading

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NASA and Tree Rings Confirm 1934 Drought Worst in Last 1000 Years

As the state of California deals with its ongoing drought issues, predicted to continue well into 2015, NASA released a new study stating that the droughts we are experiencing are comparatively mild. That’s not to say that things aren’t bad, … Continue reading

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Severe California Drought Was Driest Ever Bringing Back Memories of 1934

The drought this summer was the worst California has ever seen in a generation. Strict water warnings were implemented. Running water was cut off to some homes, leading them to have bottled water delivered to western state counties. It could … Continue reading

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California Declares Drought Emergency: Easy Ways to Save Water

California, experiencing its third consecutive year of dryer than usual weather, has reached the point of emergency drought conditions. Governor Jerry Brown has declared an emergency because of the continuing dry weather, and he’s asking residents to voluntarily cut their … Continue reading

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