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You Didn’t Have to Buy That to Have Fun

We’ve got a several neighbors who have recently splashed out for new golf carts. Why? So they can ride around the neighborhood and just see what’s going on. Note that these purchases were made solely for neighborhood joyriding. We don’t … Continue reading

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Does Every Purchase Have to Mean Something?

Someone asked me the other day whether every purchase and financial transaction has to have deep meaning. “To hear you talk sometimes,” this person said, “no one should ever buy anything unless they’ve carefully researched it, dissected it, and tallied … Continue reading

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Keep Busy, Save Money: Is it time to take your responsibilities more seriously?

Lately, I have been busy. Really busy. I am studying for a professional licensing exam and trying to balance 8 to 10 hours of studying per day with the responsibilities of being a good husband and father. On the whole, … Continue reading

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