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The Latte Effect: When Financial Changes May Be a Little Late

It was recently announced in the news that Starbucks (SBUX) will be closing over 600 stores due to a phenomenon nicknamed “The Latte Effect.” This basically describes the actions people often take when economic times are tough and money is … Continue reading

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What If the Pain Isn’t Temporary?

Most of the people I know are convinced that the current high fuel and food prices are temporary. “Surely the bubble will burst soon,” they say. “It won’t be long before we can resume living the way we were before,” … Continue reading

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Why You Don’t Want A Budget

Conventional wisdom says that you should have a budget to get the most out of your money. While I believe a budget is a good thing to have when money is tight and you are first learning how to take … Continue reading

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Falling Off the Dave Ramsey Diet

If you’re interested in personal finance, you probably know who Dave Ramsey is. If you don’t know, he’s a television and radio personality (and author) who preaches a “common sense” approach to getting out of debt and creating wealth. His … Continue reading

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Don’t Monthly Payment Yourself to Death

Most people are probably painfully aware that gas prices have been rapidly increasing over the last couple of years (and especially months), thus also increasing the costs of any items needing to be delivered from anywhere, the most common being … Continue reading

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21 Days to a Negative Money Habit

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how you could create positive new money habits in just twenty-one days. Now for the flip side of that article. I want to show you how easy it is to fall into … Continue reading

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21 Days to Positive Money Habits

It is an accepted part of self-help wisdom that it takes twenty-one days to develop a new habit and make it stick. This has been found to be true in weight loss, smoking cessation, reducing alcohol consumption, and many other … Continue reading

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Security on a Budget — 24 Common Sense Reminders

We all want to be safe and secure, but spending big money on a high tech security system may not be necessary. In most cases, simply applying some common sense will do the job. For most people, reasonable security can … Continue reading

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How Your Budget Can Help Your Memory

Do you ever find that it is difficult to remember things? A weak memory is often hard to fix, but there are some things you can do to help yourself remember things. I’ve actually found that having a budget helps … Continue reading

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How to Celebrate while Staying Within Budget

My husband and I recently celebrated our 2 year anniversary at the end of January. As it happened, it coincided with the aftermath of a bit too much spending at Christmas time — the dreaded credit card bills. Granted we … Continue reading

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Quick Gifts to Eat, Drink and Be Merry!

“Silver Bells” and “Silver and Gold”, some budgets just don’t allow a gift to all who deserve something for the holidays. You know how hungry animals in cartoons see our hero as a roast bird or some other tasty morsel? … Continue reading

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