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Just Because It’s Not In the Budget Doesn’t Mean It’s an Emergency

A friend of mine has been freaking out the last couple of weeks because her oldest child is graduating from high school this year. While she’s thrilled about this, she’s worried about the money. “I’ve got to get him a … Continue reading

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Budget Categories Are Not Licenses to Spend

On one of the financial forums I frequent, a woman who was deep in debt posted looking for help. The main problem was that she couldn’t understand how their debt had ballooned because, “We have a budget.” When other posters … Continue reading

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Budget Categories That Our Grandmothers Didn’t Have To Worry About

When talk of saving money comes up, it usually leads to talk of the “good old days” when things were simpler and less expensive. Many people reminisce about the days when a stamp was ten cents, a loaf of bread … Continue reading

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