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Different Ways to Deal with Unexpected Emergencies & Bills

The downturn of the worldwide economy has caused most of us to watch our spending. While you may be doing well to track your budget, unexpected bills and emergencies can quickly result in financial worries. According to a study published … Continue reading

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A Life Without Debt: They Can

I know someone who was recently visited by the repo man. He lost his job several months ago and hasn’t been able to find work that pays anything close to what he needs to pay his bills. He’s in pretty … Continue reading

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The Best Time to Pay Bills

We still pay most of our bills manually, by which I mean we don’t have automatic payments set up. While I recognize the advantages of automatic bill pay (no postage, time saved in writing out checks, etc.), I actually enjoy … Continue reading

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Don’t Monthly Payment Yourself to Death

Most people are probably painfully aware that gas prices have been rapidly increasing over the last couple of years (and especially months), thus also increasing the costs of any items needing to be delivered from anywhere, the most common being … Continue reading

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