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Tips and Tricks for Keeping Track of Your Finances During Bankruptcy

First, let’s get something out of the way: declaring bankruptcy does not make you a failure or a deadbeat. It is one of the many negative and pervasive myths about bankruptcy that people who file for it are either dumb … Continue reading

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JJ Watt Awesomeness on What Do Rich People Buy?

JJ Watts of the Houston Texans was asked what he did after signing his $100 million contact, and his answer was awesome. Not only did he not have anything specific in mind that he went out and immediately purchased, he … Continue reading

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The Profit TV Star Marcus Lemonis Likes His Crumbs

There was a sliver of hope for those who love their gourmet cupcakes after the bad news that Crumbs cupcakes had closed up all its stores and filed for bankruptcy after defaulting on over $9 million in loans. It appears … Continue reading

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