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Bank Failures: 25 Things Everyone with a Bank Account Needs to Know

By Patrick Russo A bank failure regularly occurs when a bank’s assets become less valuable than its liabilities. The value of an institution’s assets can diminish for a number of reasons, including an increase of noncurrent loans, a decrease in … Continue reading

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5 Rules for a Financially Blissful Marriage

If there’s anything designed to ruin a marriage, it’s money. Not only could tension be created by the amount coming in, but there could be different money styles – a hoarder vs. a spender. My husband and I, thankfully, have … Continue reading

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Compound Interest – Personal Finance Fundamentals

I grew up hearing my dad say “Most people don’t know how money works.” He is a Certified Financial Planner, and while there were a few drawbacks growing up the son of a financial planner (no Gameboy or frivolous purchases … Continue reading

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