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Are Banks Open on New Year’s Day 2015

What is and isn’t open can be confusing when it comes to federal holidays. That’s because even though official federal holidays apply to federal agencies, they don’t necessarily apply to private sector companies. It’s up to each company to decide … Continue reading

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Bank Failures: 25 Things Everyone with a Bank Account Needs to Know

By Patrick Russo A bank failure regularly occurs when a bank’s assets become less valuable than its liabilities. The value of an institution’s assets can diminish for a number of reasons, including an increase of noncurrent loans, a decrease in … Continue reading

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5 Rules for a Financially Blissful Marriage

If there’s anything designed to ruin a marriage, it’s money. Not only could tension be created by the amount coming in, but there could be different money styles – a hoarder vs. a spender. My husband and I, thankfully, have … Continue reading

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Compound Interest – Personal Finance Fundamentals

I grew up hearing my dad say “Most people don’t know how money works.” He is a Certified Financial Planner, and while there were a few drawbacks growing up the son of a financial planner (no Gameboy or frivolous purchases … Continue reading

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