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Airline Baggage Fees Gave Carriers Nearly $1 Billion in Extra Income Last Quarter

You may hate them, but airlines love them. There’s now only one US carrier not charging baggage fees. This took place earlier this month when Jet Blue announced it would begin charging baggage fees to consumers using their airline, leaving … Continue reading

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JetBlue Adds Fees for Checked Bags, Take Away Legroom and Stops Free Wi-Fi

JetBlue has taunted Southwest Airlines in years past over the way they let customers pick their own seats, referring to them as “cattle calls.” However, now Southwest is the one taunting JetBlue over luggage fees. Southwest still allows all passengers … Continue reading

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Baggage Fees: Why You Should Love Them

When I’m at a restaurant with a group of people, often times there is a discussion on the best way to split the bill. It always seems that the person who had the most expensive meal suggests that we simply … Continue reading

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