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Apple Partners with (RED) for Black Friday to Spread AIDS Awareness Through Apps

With all the talk about Black Friday this week, it’s not a surprise Apple is also jumping on the Black Friday boat, but the company is adding a philanthropic twist. They have decided to celebrate the holidays by launching a … Continue reading

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New WireLurker Malware Targets Apple Devices iPhone and iPads

There’s some bad news for Apple lovers. Palo Alto Networks, Inc. discovered new malware that is targeting Apple devices, including iPhone and iPads. The family of malware is being called “WireLurker” and it can hit both Apple’s mobile operating systems … Continue reading

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FBI Demands Apple and Google Build in Access to Your Encrypted Phone Data

Fairly fresh on the heels of the NSA spying scandal, FBI Director James Comey is now insisting that if companies such as Apple and Google don’t build in front door access for law enforcement to your data, criminals will get … Continue reading

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S&P 500 Ends Week at Another Record High with Gains for Fifth Week in a Row

It was another good week for stocks with the Standard and Poors 500 (S&P 500) closing at its highest level ever once again. The rise was spurred by a jobs report which came in weaker that most analysts anticipated. This … Continue reading

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Google Agrees with FTC to Refund Childrens’ Unauthorized App Purchases

More good news has come this week for parents who’ve been hit with unexpected credit card charges due to children making unauthorized in-app purchases. Google has agreed to refund $19 million to parents whose children were able to make purchases … Continue reading

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Siri for Desktop: Is This the Third Hand We’ve All Been Waiting For?

The news Siri may be coming to desktops will have multi-taskers around the globe letting out a tiny cheer of joy for productivity this morning (Before they got back to checking their emails, planning their day, mapping their run and … Continue reading

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Flappy Bird Is Back as Flappy Bird’s Family – but Will It Fly on Amazon?

While some might claim that Flappy Bird was a great way to save money on entertainment costs (due to the hours many played the game) others would say it was nothing more than a waste of time. Either way the … Continue reading

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Google to Stop Listing Games with In-App Purchases as “Free”

It began in December last year, when the European Commission issued a statement to market leaders (namely Google and Apple) which requested that they begin transparent labeling practices on games with hidden costs. The commission finally realized that many app … Continue reading

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Stocks Close Week with Small Gains, But off All-Time Highs

It was a fairly listless week on Wall Street with individual stocks moving on news specifically related to those companies, but not much movement in the market as a whole. Both the Dow Jones industrial average and the S&P 500 … Continue reading

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Walmart, Costco Discount iPhone 5s as Summer Deals Begin to Emerge

It makes good financial sense not to be an early adopter when it comes to the latest technology gadgets, and that includes the latest Apple iPhone offerings. There is a premium price to pay for always having the latest and … Continue reading

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Investing Hack: Why I bought $199 in Apple Stock Instead of a New Apple 3G iPhone

I’m a big fan of index funds because, quite frankly, I don’t know much about investing and I would rather spend my time doing other things than learning how to invest in individual companies. Warren Buffett agrees with me on … Continue reading

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