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Amazon Prime Delivery Time and Its Impact on Local Businesses

Amazon Prime is a membership-based service offered by Amazon, which provides free two-day shipping with a subscription. It also offers “exclusive access” to movies, Kindle books and music for $99 each year. Current estimates place the number of members as … Continue reading

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Is Amazon Prime Worth It?

Amazon Prime had a price hike awhile back making it $99/year ($49 for students). One thing to note is that an account holder may invite 1 adultĀ household member and up to 4 children (children do not get free 2-day shipping … Continue reading

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Uber Begins On-Demand Delivery Service Test with Corner Store

Popular transport app Uber has become more than just a car service for a select group of customers in Washington D.C. For a short time the company is trialling a same day home delivery service called Corner Store, where its … Continue reading

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The Amazon Fire Phone Does What You’d Expect; Make It Easy to Spend Money

No matter what you may think of the Amazon Fire Phone‘s other specs, there is one thing that’s abundantly clear about it – this phone was created with the sole intent of separating you from your money. While critics may … Continue reading

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Is Amazon Going to Change the Way We Grocery Shop with Dash?

If you’re one of those people who absolutely hates going to the grocery store, Amazon has a new gadget for you. Even if you don’t hate it, but just are looking for a way to make more time in you … Continue reading

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10 Organizations That Pay For Themselves

There are plenty of organizations out there that claim that it’s worthwhile joining their ranks. It’s important to evaluate a membership to make sure it makes sense for your particular needs. Even when you have to pay, there are times … Continue reading

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25 Ways to Save Money at Amazon.com

It’s no secret that I love Amazon. Living in the sticks, it is often the most efficient way for me to shop. I don’t have to get in the car, waste a lot of time, and use a lot of … Continue reading

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