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Fasting Twice a Year Can Reboot Your Immune System

Would you be willing to go without food for a few days to keep your immune system in tip-top shape? That is exactly what may happen if you’re willing to fast twice a year according to a new University of … Continue reading

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Virtual Reality Can Help You Save Money

It’s funny how the human mind can conceive of just about everything except our older selves. We can easily imagine a pink dragon that farts rainbow bubbles, but if you ask us to imagine ourselves as old, we can’t do … Continue reading

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Aging is Expensive Even When You Aren’t Old

We all know that we’ll likely face increased costs as we age. Most of those will come from healthcare costs as we fight diseases ranging from cancer to arthritis to dementia. While we’re aware of those increasing expenses, we assume … Continue reading

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Going Broke Trying to Prevent Aging?

There’s no need to disclose exactly how old I am. Let’s just say I’m at the age where my hair is turning gray, wrinkles are appearing, and things are starting to soften a bit. My hairdresser asked me the other … Continue reading

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