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Facebook to Crack Down on Free Business Promotional Posts in News Feeds

Beginning in January, businesses that post certain types of promotional posts on their pages will find far fewer of their followers seeing those posts. Facebook is telling businesses that if they want to overtly advertise, they must do so by … Continue reading

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Don’t Fall For “The Advertising Will Save You” Money Gambit

Manufacturers, retailers, and advertisers love to tell us that advertising will save us money. They like to tell us that placing ads in and on everything from video games to toilet paper will save consumers money. The theory is that … Continue reading

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What Do You Need?

If you want to get ahead financially, one of the most important questions you can ask yourself is, “What do I need?” It seems like such a simple question, one where the answers should be immediately obvious. You need food, … Continue reading

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You’ve Earned It

I received a call from my TV provider the other day. After giving me a pep talk about what a great customer I am, the representative explained that I was about to receive, “A very special offer. Something that we’re … Continue reading

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Becoming Ad-Averse

One thing that has saved me a ton of money over the years is the fact that I am very ad-averse. Not only do I try to keep as much advertising as possible out of my life, when I do … Continue reading

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Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Review: Week 6

This week’s lesson was about the power of marketing on our buying decisions. This was my favorite lesson so far. Being a finance/consumer nerd, this kind of stuff really interests me. Dave starts out by telling us that we live … Continue reading

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Fast Food Hamburger Ad vs Reality

Have you ever wondered why the look of fast food is always so much different in the ads than it is in reality? It’s because they hire professional food make-up artists to make the food look better than it ever … Continue reading

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What Advertisers Fear Most

Last week I wrote about trying to find contentment by getting back to a simpler life, one freer from forms of mass entertainment and consumerism. There’s an additional benefit to this than just living a simpler, less hectic life. You … Continue reading

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Going Ad-less: Turning off the Media

There are few sources of information these days that do not come riddled with advertising, or at least with a list of generous corporate sponsors. To escape the constant bombardment of “buy this” “recognize my name” and “we’re so cool” … Continue reading

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When Everything is an Advertisement and How to Cope

I’ll say it simply: I’m disgusted by the amount of advertising in the world today. I’ve been gradually working up to this fit, but the tipping point came the other day in a public bathroom. It was in a mall … Continue reading

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Money Photos: How and Why Advertising with Cash Works

A hoard of junk mail has passed through my in-box and into either the shredder, a pile for reuse, or straight into the recycle bin over the years. It wasn’t until recently, though, that I started noticing how photogenic money … Continue reading

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Ten Inexpensive Ways to Promote Your Small Business

Big companies pay big bucks for advertising because they know it works. If you have a small business — whether a hobby business that earns you a little mad money or a full-fledged company that employs several people — you … Continue reading

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