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Retirement: Fantasy versus Reality

By Pamela Yellen: Excerpt from The Bank On Yourself Revolution “Errors of human judgment can infect even the smartest people, thanks to overconfidence, lack of attention to details, and excessive trust in the judgments of others, stemming from a failure … Continue reading

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Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Review: Week 10

This week we moved on to Baby Steps Four and Five, which are saving for retirement and saving for your kids’ college education. Baby step four was on deck first, which is to save 15% of your household income in … Continue reading

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A Life Without Debt: Building Wealth

If you are at all interested in finance, you’ve probably heard that it is necessary to be debt free in order to build substantial wealth. While a few gifted investors manage to build wealth while having a lot of real … Continue reading

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Financial Regrets From This Past Year and What I’ll Do Differently In ’09

Although we are financially secure and tend to make wise decisions regarding our finances, we still screw up sometimes and do things that we later regret. We’re human. However, while we may have regrets I choose to look at them … Continue reading

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The Four Keys to a Successful Financial Future

There are many things you can do to improve your finances. We talk a lot about the various ways to cut your spending and increase your savings, both big and small. All the options can be difficult to sort out. … Continue reading

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