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Why Nobody Will Find the McDonald’s Monopoly Boardwalk Rare Game Piece

People love the McDonald’s Monopoly game with most hoping they may get lucky and win $1 million, but the truth is you have better odds of winning the Powerball Lottery than you do of finding the Boardwalk game piece. In … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Monopoly Rare Game Pieces

Note: This article was originally written for the 2014 McDonald’s Monopoly game which has now ended. I will be listing the 2015 McDonald’s Monopoly rare game pieces as soon as they are available. For everyone who anxiously awaits the McDonald’s … Continue reading

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The Minimum Wage Millionaire Excerpt: The Game of Life

By Bill Edgar Editor’s Note: The The Minimum Wage Millionaire is a book aimed at teenagers and parents of teenagers who want to better understand how money works. The book puts forth practical approaches on ways for teens with part-time … Continue reading

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