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Why Nobody Will Find the McDonald’s Monopoly Boardwalk Rare Game Piece

People love the McDonald’s Monopoly game with most hoping they may get lucky and win $1 million, but the truth is you have better odds of winning the Powerball Lottery than you do of finding the Boardwalk game piece. In … Continue reading

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McDonald’s Monopoly Rare Game Pieces 2014

For everyone who anxiously awaits the McDonald’s Monopoly game each year, you’ll be happy to know the game dates have been announced for 2014 (September 30 – October 27). If you like to play this game, there are a few … Continue reading

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The Minimum Wage Millionaire Excerpt: The Game of Life

By Bill Edgar Editor’s Note: The The Minimum Wage Millionaire is a book aimed at teenagers and parents of teenagers who want to better understand how money works. The book puts forth practical approaches on ways for teens with part-time … Continue reading

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