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Frugal Gardening

This is our latest in the series of sat sites we’re putting together: Although this one isn’t completely done, I’m making it live because it will be built over a period of time. The sections have been broken down … Continue reading

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Financial Juggling Part II

I mentioned a few days ago that I would need to do some financial juggling this month. With the half way mark here, the current income only confirms what I had talked about previously. Looking at the first half numbers, … Continue reading

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2006 Financial Goals

After some long conversations with Nate, we have set a goal of earning $5,000 a month from the site network by the beginning of 2007. This is pretty ambitious considering where we are right now, but we came to the … Continue reading

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Done! (finally)

I finally finished the latest of the sat sites: Hybrid Car Tax Deduction. This is another one of those that is a big question mark on how it’s going to perform. I’m hoping that it gets a lot of traffic … Continue reading

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Learned My Lesson (maybe)

My latest sat site is driving me absolutely nuts! I should know better. I should stick with domain names that fit with material that I already know well and have written about. It is much easier for me to expand … Continue reading

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Tag Trades

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with, but they are a online bookmark site that was recently acquired by Yahoo. For anyone who uses more than one computer, it’s a convenient service since it allows you … Continue reading

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One’s and Zero’s –

This post is not personal financial related except adding another site to our growing list, but for those of you who enjoy computer programming and such, it should be of double interest. While discussing with Nate about what new names … Continue reading

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Site #4 –

I have the 4th of the 15 sites I want to get up about 80% done which is This will be an interesting site since it’s in an area that definitely is not “niche” First, I don’t like domain … Continue reading

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Debt Free Calls It Quits

While the number of personal finance journals continues to grow, it’s still a small enough group that you know most of those doing it. After several months Debt Free is calling it quits. Always sorry to see one go…

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WordPress 1.5 Plugin – Top Comment List

We now have the wordpress plugin available to add to your site if you’d like to encourage your visitors to leave comments to your posts: Show top Commentators WordPress Plugin. The plugin places a list of the people who leave … Continue reading

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Chitika Audit

With the first of the month I received my first payment from Chitika eMiniMalls and went through their audit for the first time. Here’s the experience from my perspective: The audit disallowed approximately 33% of the clicks which added up … Continue reading

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Satellite Site Income November

In my attempt to turn websites into my full time business, I’m finding that the “satellite sites” we’re building are becoming a more important factor into the equation that will ultimately determine whether we can make the jump. I mentioned … Continue reading

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Site #3 and New Calculator

The third in the series of sites I want to get up before the end of the year is about half way done and should be completed by tomorrow. This site was actually built off an article I wrote a … Continue reading

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Site #2 Done (Sort Of) & Random Stuff

The timeshare site is done for the most part. I actually have more sections to finish writing, but there are ten fairly good sections up now which makes the site at least presentable. Even if I don’t add the other … Continue reading

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Didn’t Happen

Ahhhhhh, it’s been one of those days. I wasn’t able to get the site finished as planned. In fact, I took it all down and started again on each of the sections from scratch. For some reason it doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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Not Happy

I’m not happy with the latest site I’ve been putting together: Since I already had an article written, I thought it would be a fairly easy site to put together, but it has turned into being anything but that. … Continue reading

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Site #2 –

I began working on site number 2 of the fifteen I need to complete by the end of the year. This one didn’t go nearly as smoothly as the first one. I had hoped to have it done before going … Continue reading

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One Down, 14 to Go –

I mentioned earlier that I needed to focus and build 15 new websites before the end of the year to help with my financial goals of making the websites my main income source. We purchased 10 of the 15 domains … Continue reading

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Time To Focus: My Challenge

Nate and I had a long talk about our sites and where we want them to go. After brainstorming for awhile, we came up with some great ideas that we feel would add a lot of value to the sites. … Continue reading

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Bribing Your Way To A Better Page Rank

I came across a site that is basically bribing their way to a better pagerank by giving away free samples of their tea depending on how high your site’s pagerank is where you place a link back to them. Pretty … Continue reading

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