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2006 Goals Review – February

I can’t believe it’s already March. This past month just flew by – I felt like I was doing this monthly review just a few days a go for January. I guess it’s time to take a look at how … Continue reading

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I Need To Get A Life – Or Opportunity?

This is how I spend a Saturday – claiming about 50 gmail accounts that I’ll probably never use, but couldn’t resist getting (now you can see why I need to get a life). This is how my mind works – … Continue reading

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When I started to add satellite sites, I thought that National Condom Week would be one of the big winners in the group. I had a tie in with credit card condoms and it was just quirky enough that I … Continue reading

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Seeking Alpha Sound Money Tips Editor

I have myself a part-time job. I was approached by the editors at the Seeking Alpha Network to take over as the writer / editor for the Sound Money Tips area. After talking it over with the editor (what would … Continue reading

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I’d like to welcome Liz from Everyday Goddess as my first guest writer here. She has put together some excellent information about her experience of setting up and placing a loan request on auction (I also highly recommend her … Continue reading

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Compare Housing Prices – Free Tool

Have some time to waste and a keen interest in housing prices in your area (or anywhere in the US)? You have to check out the site, but be sure you have some time set aside to play. Whether … Continue reading

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New Investment Opportunity? Person to Person Lending

When I first read about this in the UK, I knew it was only a matter of time before something like it started here in the US. I stumbled across a new site that has started to do person to … Continue reading

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Why I’ll Never Freelance Write Again

I’ve spent a lot of my years freelance writing. In the early years it was just the thrill of getting published that kept me going because the pay was literally nothing at times. As I got more pieces published I … Continue reading

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2006 Goals Review – January

The first month of the year has come to an end and it’s time to take a quick look at how I progressed toward the goals I set for this year. Increase unique visitors to the main site to 5,000 … Continue reading

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January Profits From Sat Sites

January was a better month than December overall for the satellite sites, but the average income from all fell once again (this is due to me counting the 4 new sites that are still receiving very little traffic). The average … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts – Good Is No Longer Good Enough

It’s the end of the month and I’m looking over my goals. I’ll have a list of how I’ve done against them after today is over and I can get this month’s numbers. I was also thinking about a fundamental … Continue reading

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Option Other Than Rss For Personal Finance

If you enjoy reading a large variety of the personal finance writing out there but find signing up for everyone’s rss feed a pain, you might want to check out which is currently aggregating 81 different pfblogs. Or just … Continue reading

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December Profits From Sat Sites

It was a tough month and the average for the 15 sat sites that were up for the entire month came to $39.09. That compares to the $54.09 average last month for the 10 sites that had been up an … Continue reading

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Business Worth Over $2.85 Million

I like it when I can dream a bit like this. While the numbers are taken completely out of context with our site being as small as it is compared to the biggies, I read the following at Based … Continue reading

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Frugal Gardening

This is our latest in the series of sat sites we’re putting together: Although this one isn’t completely done, I’m making it live because it will be built over a period of time. The sections have been broken down … Continue reading

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Financial Juggling Part II

I mentioned a few days ago that I would need to do some financial juggling this month. With the half way mark here, the current income only confirms what I had talked about previously. Looking at the first half numbers, … Continue reading

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2006 Financial Goals

After some long conversations with Nate, we have set a goal of earning $5,000 a month from the site network by the beginning of 2007. This is pretty ambitious considering where we are right now, but we came to the … Continue reading

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Done! (finally)

I finally finished the latest of the sat sites: Hybrid Car Tax Deduction. This is another one of those that is a big question mark on how it’s going to perform. I’m hoping that it gets a lot of traffic … Continue reading

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Learned My Lesson (maybe)

My latest sat site is driving me absolutely nuts! I should know better. I should stick with domain names that fit with material that I already know well and have written about. It is much easier for me to expand … Continue reading

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Tag Trades

I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with, but they are a online bookmark site that was recently acquired by Yahoo. For anyone who uses more than one computer, it’s a convenient service since it allows you … Continue reading

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