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Surprising Monday

It was a pretty quick start to the week and had a few surprises for me. The blog went down for about an hour because two of my posts made it to the front page of (Creative Job – … Continue reading

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Is Your Name Yours?

Now I’m not usually into the celebrity gossip scene, but I thought it was interesting that one of the first things that Angela Jolie and Brad Pitt did upon deciding a name for their new child was to go out … Continue reading

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Find The Lowest Prices On Gas

Concept: Use the Internet to find the cheapest gas stations by having a loyal base of users enter in the prices that they see. By knowing where the lowest price gas is available, you can save money. You can use … Continue reading

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Alternative Investments – Domain Names

I was recently reading an article about domain names and the prices that some of them are fetching and it occurred to me that this is an area where we should start investing. That’s not to say that I believe … Continue reading

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April Profits For Sat Sites

Overall it was a good month for Nate and I. The satellite sites had both some quite positive numbers as well as some numbers that were a bit disappointing. It was our first full month with site managers and it … Continue reading

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2006 Goals Review – April

This month seemed to fly by. I didn’t spend near as much time as I had the previous few months addressing these specific goals as I was doing a lot of work on other areas of our network that Nate … Continue reading

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To Do List – April 29

For one of the recent daily financial tips I wrote about making a to-do list as a way to save money. I received an email that asked, “What is the best way to make a to-do list?” Now, I receive … Continue reading

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Okay, I admit it. When it comes to Internet domain names, I make impulse purchases. Every time I do, I can see Nate rolling his eyes as I try to explain why I thought the name was going to be … Continue reading

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Investing Page – New Satellite Site

We have our newest satellite site up which is focused on the basics of investing at Investing Page. In addition to being a new sat site, it’s also our first sat site where we are starting out from day one … Continue reading

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Lots of Link Love

We are always on the lookout for sites and blogs that provide good quality content that may be interesting to our readers. If you have a site or blog that you think is similar to one of our many sites, … Continue reading

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A New Look

We finally have a new look for the satellite sites. It will be interesting to see the effect that the new design has as we have added more advertising than we had before. Hopefully this in addition to adding the … Continue reading

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March Profits For Sat Sites

Looking at the numbers for March we knew that we needed to make some adjustments to our building of additional sites. While a few of the sites are quite performing well, the majority of them are not. What we’d ultimately … Continue reading

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2006 Goals Review – March

A quarter of 2006 is now gone and it’s time again to take a look at the goals I had and how I have been progressing toward them, but before we get into that, April was the big decision day. … Continue reading

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Taking On Managers

As I have mentioned before, one of the big problems with setting up so many of the satellite sites is that I don’t have time to promote them and basic promotion goes a long way to bringing in traffic and … Continue reading

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Newest Satellite Site –

I have the latest satellite site in our growing collection up at Inexpensive Lawyer. The site will focus on ways to save money or reduce the costs associated with an attorney. It’s pretty basic information on how to keep costs … Continue reading

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Google Finance Launches

You’ll be able to get a lot more information on the Google Finance from other sources – it seems geared toward companies and investing rather than personal finances, but there is one nice feature that I wanted to point out … Continue reading

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Timeshare Trap Media

Our satellite site Timeshare Trap received some good media coverage. I was quoted in an article by Gregory Karp in the Chicago Tribune titled Unloading Time Share Likely A No-Win Deal. It was nice to see a mainstream media outlet … Continue reading

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Just One Spin

Over a year ago when Nate and I first began to talk about whether we were going to quit (after losing the content to our site a couple of times) or to continue on, we came up with the idea … Continue reading

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Newest Satellite Site:

Our latest satellite site is now up and is called Reduce College Costs. While I’m not sure if any of you will be able to notice, this one is a bit different from the others we’ve created. I won’t go … Continue reading

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New Site – Tax Press Releases

The latest of our satellite sites is It will be interesting to see how this site develops. I decided to build this one for a couple of reasons. First, when the IRS makes changes, they sometimes rewrite or delete … Continue reading

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