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November 2006 Goals Review

By far the biggest news this month is that Nate gave notice at his work and will be working on the blogs and sites full time starting in January. I can’t even explain how excited I am about this and … Continue reading

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Personal Finance Video Log

Not that I need another project, but I have started up a personal finance vlog which will add to our ever growing list of satellite websites. I have been finding quite a bit of informative and entertaining videos that I … Continue reading

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Light To Unite – Light A Virtual Candle To Donate $1

The third annual “Light to Unite” drive is going on to support AIDS research. By simply going to and lighting a virtual candle, Bristol-Myers Squibb will donate $1 (up to $100,000) to the National AIDS Fund. There is nothing … Continue reading

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Meeting A Major Goal

Some great news. Nate gave his notice at his current job and will definitely be working full time on the sites and blog beginning in January 2007. I am extremely excited because this has been our goal since we started … Continue reading

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What It Takes to Make Money on the Internet

Over the past week, this subject has come up in a number of different ways with several bloggers asking me to help them, but the central theme has been “Is it really possible to make money on the Internet?” and … Continue reading

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October 2006 Goals Review

Some people apparently do follow this blog 😉 Jon sent me a reminder that I hadn’t done the monthly review for the sites and it was a well timed nudge to get me off my butt and look at the … Continue reading

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As you may have noticed, Nate and I decided to make some changes to the blog this weekend. These were long over due and we think that it looks a lot better (we’ve always known we needed the change from … Continue reading

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Washer Tips – New Satellite Site

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how Dryer Tips was one of those sites that just fell into place where I was already researching the information and the domain name was available. It then made perfect sense to place … Continue reading

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Dryer Tips

I placed up a new satellite site this weekend which was one of those that just happened to fall into place. I was going through saving tips on the main site for another project I’ve been working on and realized … Continue reading

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September 2006 Goals Review

It certainly was an interesting month with both good and bad news. The bad news was that our adsense revenue fell dramatically this month to a tune of over $15 a day. Ouch! I think this is the first time … Continue reading

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Car Insurance – New Satellite Sites

This is a first for us and I would be interested in anyone’s opinion on what they would do in this situation. I had a lot of good content on saving money on car insurance and have been looking for … Continue reading

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August 2006 Goals Review

August continued along the lines of July and it was another good month overall. Both Nate and I will be pleased if we can continue building at the pace we have over the last 2 months, but also know that … Continue reading

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My Money Forest Interview

There are certain areas that I talk about quite a bit in this blog, but there are other areas that I don’t mention as often. Tim over at My Money Forest asked me quite a few questions for his blog … Continue reading

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Blogoversary – New Sat Site

I took notice that over the last couple of months a lot of personal finance writers have had the blogoversaries. As I sometimes do, after reading about one of these (I can’t remember exactly which one which is a shame … Continue reading

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Building A Blog Community Network

I’ve had several people ask me how Nate and I have built our blog community. For those who are not familiar, we also run the website where we have an area where we have a personal finance blog community … Continue reading

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Sanyo Xacti – New Video Camera

I finally purchased a video camera which I hope to use quite a bit in the months to come. I went against my normal shopping habits on this one and I hope that will ultimately be for the better in … Continue reading

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The New Alpha Guy

I mentioned that we had picked up a few new blogs that we added to our growing family last week. We found a writer for one of them. I’d like to extend a big welcome to Khyron who will be … Continue reading

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Newest Project

A quick step away from personal finance… I’m not sure whether I should be happy or disappointed that one of the most popular posts on this site has little to do with personal finances. The fact is that my post … Continue reading

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Yahoo Ads Experiment Update II

I mentioned earlier that Yahoo Publisher Network ads were performing so poorly on our grocery coupon guide site that it only took a week to realize we needed to switch back to Google Adsense. That was definitely a smart move … Continue reading

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Forever Stamp

One of the decisions that Nate and I have decided to take is to invest in domain names. We believe these are great investments because they cost little (under $6 per year) and have the potential to earn a lot … Continue reading

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