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Coinstar Fees (and How to Avoid Them)

What is Coinstar? Many banks nowadays don’t accept coins. Many other banks will accept coins but they take a fee for sorting them. It’s a bummer but hey, at least some banks still offer good interest rates. But even as … Continue reading

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The Tesla Model S Is Now the Fastest-Accelerating Sedan in the World

Remember when people used to laugh at electric cars? They used to be seen as an underpowered joke of a car. Not. Any. More. Just hours ago, Tesla Motors revealed how owners can make their Model S’s go from 0-60 … Continue reading

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10 Cool Outdoor Gadgets That Actually SAVE You Money

Many of us want to save as much money as we can in every area of our lives. With that in mind, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that there are plenty of gadgets focused on saving people … Continue reading

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How PewDiePie Raked in $7.4 Million Last Year as a YouTuber

Yep, PewDiePie made over $7 million dollars┬álast year. This secures his spot as the wealthiest YouTuber of all time. When this was recently revealed by a Swedish news outlet (Felix is Swedish), many people were outraged. Here are just a … Continue reading

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President Obama Announces 75000 Job Solar Initiative for Military Veterans

There’s some good news for veterans wanting good quality jobs when they leave the military. President Obama announced a new initiative to drive growth in solar energy by training 75,000 military veterans for jobs in the clean-energy sector. The initiative … Continue reading

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What is the Oldest Internet Domain Name?

The world’s oldest dot-com address is over thirty years old, purchased on March 15, 1985. Alhough there are barely any functions available on the page, you can still visit it at Originally bought by a company with the same … Continue reading

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Elon Musk Announces Tesla Model S Autopilot Will Soon Be Here

Tesla Motors, whose CEO is billionaire investor Elon Musk, is an American company which designs, manufactures and sells electric cars and their vehicle components. Tesla has traditionally been known as an innovative company, which often breaks ‘the mold’, only to … Continue reading

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Teespring Audience Intersect to Better Target Ads: Days 4 & 5

One thing I’m quickly learning is that selling T-shirts has a much larger learning curve than I ever imagined. My impression was I would simply come up with some ideas, see if they hit the right note, and if I … Continue reading

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Apple to Join Dow Jones Industrial Index Replacing AT&T

Apple Inc., the world’s largest company by its market value of $736 billion, has joined the Dow Jones Industrial Average, a move some have likened to winning an Oscar at the Academy Awards for the esteemed and exclusive Dow Jones. … Continue reading

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Verizon Finally Gives Customers an Opt-Out for Supercookies

With 125.3 million subscribers, Verizon Wireless is one of the largest wireless providers in the United States. Beyond subscribers, Verizon is said to operate “America’s Largest and Most Reliable Wireless Network,” which covers approximately 300 million individuals. Thus, when certain … Continue reading

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Unmanned Drones May Have a Major Impact on US Food Supply and Lower Prices

We are all quite accustomed to hearing about drones in the context of military and police activities. Drones or technically unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are a type of aircraft without a human pilot and have indeed been traditionally deployed for … Continue reading

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eSight Gives Legally Blind Mom a Chance to See Her Baby for the First Time

While some scientists and entrepreneurs invest in medical innovations such as stem cells and other such biologically based therapies to restore sight, others are focusing on technological breakthroughs to enable the blind to see. eSight is one such company focusing … Continue reading

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Google Glass No Longer To Be Developed By Google X and Stops Explorer Program

The 2002 Japanese anime Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex introduced a beautiful, futuristic world in which being ‘human’ was a liability. Set in the mid-twenty-first century in a fictional Japanese city, computer technology in this world had “advanced … Continue reading

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SpaceX Has Successful Falcon 9 Launch, but Boosters Fail to Land on Barge

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, or SpaceX as it is commonly known, is a “space transport services company” founded in 2002 by former PayPal entrepreneur and current Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk. In founding the company, Musk hoped to reduce the … Continue reading

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VeriFone’s New NFC Terminal Big Step to Universal Mobile POS Payments

VeriFone is an American corporation headquartered in San Jose, California. Founded in 1981, the company provides technology for transactions at the point-of-sale (POS), the “point” at which a retail transaction occurs between merchants and buyers. According to Wikipedia, VeriFone provides … Continue reading

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NASA’s Inflatable Heat Shield May Allow Travel to Mars in the Not So Distant Future

For years, a human-manned mission to Mars has been the stuff of dreams for science fiction writers and enthusiasts. The 21st century, however, might see the realization of these dreams as technological and engineering innovations promise to revolutionize our conceptualizations … Continue reading

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Facebook “Year in Review” Draws Complaints from Users

In a blog post published in 2011, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote, “I’m the first to admit that we’ve made a bunch of mistakes…I also understand that many people are just naturally skeptical of what it means for hundreds of … Continue reading

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CFPB Fines Sprint $105 Million for Mobile Phone Bill Cramming Fees

Can you read your cell phone bill? There are a lot of people who can’t, and it has nothing to do with their ability to read. It’s because some phone bills are intentionally confusing. Why would phone companies want you … Continue reading

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Sony Hackers Threaten Employees and Their Families

If we have learned anything over the last few years, it is that hardly anything is hacker proof. But when a media giant like Sony gets hacked, all bets are off. And this hack threatened not only the company’s employees, … Continue reading

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Twitter Plans to Monitor Your Mobile App Downloading Activity

Would you be willing to let Twitter know all the apps you download onto your mobile phone? Twitter recently disclosed its plan to monitor mobile app-downloading activity among its users. The social media company is trying to devise new marketing … Continue reading

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