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Microsoft Enlists K5 Robot Security Guards in Sign of the Future

It seems science fiction has actually met reality with robots being latest additions to the security force at Microsoft’s silicon valley campus. Microsoft has enlisted the robots, known as K5s, to help ensure safety on campus. There’s no artificial intelligence … Continue reading

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Russian Hacker Site Leaks Footage from 70000 Webcams Around the World

There is a strong warning from both US and UK governments for people to shut off their webcams. For the last few weeks, the Russian hacking site, Insecam, has hacked more than 70,000 webcams in living rooms, bedrooms, exterior settings, … Continue reading

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Google Contributor Blocks Ads on Sites You’re Willing to Financially Support

Google has launched a beta test to see how many internet users would be willing to pay $1 to $3 per month to block ads on each of their favorite websites. The test is for a new Google program called … Continue reading

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Barbie Computer Engineer Doesn’t Know Much about Programming or Computers

Barbie has done it all – from aerobics instructor, to veterinarian, to astronaut, to police officer. So, in this burgeoning start-up culture, it only made sense for Barbie to try her hand at, you guessed it, computer engineering. Mattel recently … Continue reading

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15 Eco-Friendly Remodeling Ideas Every Homeowner Should Consider

By Paul Kazlov If you’re looking to make some improvements to your home, it’s very important to consider how these upgrades can help your space be more eco-friendly and more energy-efficient. Not only does using sustainable or recycled materials, or … Continue reading

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Is Intel’s MICA Smart Bracelet Worth the $495 Price

What do you get the tech-lover who has everything? Perhaps the new Intel MICA will fit the bill. MICA stands for My Intelligent Communication Accessory. MICA is a wearable piece of technology that allows its wearer to access the internet, … Continue reading

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AT&T Ends Permacookies Cellphone Data Tracking but They Still May Be Collecting It

When has a company crossed the line? Well, how about when the public backlash is so intense, it leaves everyone in the virtual world avoiding the topic? Permacookies is the latest in communication device scandals, but what no one seems … Continue reading

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AT&T Allows Consumers to Opt Out of Supercookie User Tracking

Smartphone tracking systems are geared to track consumers for more targeted marketing. This sounds somewhat like the CIA undercover. Some major carries have programs such as this, and so does Google and other internet search engines and email providers. Many … Continue reading

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What Sweet New Features Come with the Android 5.0 Lollipop Upgrade

Lollipop has arrived – Android 5.0 Lollipop that is, but it may be a while before most people get to “taste” the new system. It sounds sugary sweet, but will the new taste satisfy Android users? Some android devices have … Continue reading

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Facebook to Crack Down on Free Business Promotional Posts in News Feeds

Beginning in January, businesses that post certain types of promotional posts on their pages will find far fewer of their followers seeing those posts. Facebook is telling businesses that if they want to overtly advertise, they must do so by … Continue reading

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More Facebook Policy Changes Affecting Your Privacy

Once again social media giant Facebook has changed its privacy policy. Though it has asked for feedback from users and states the policy is a work in progress, the policies are already in place. They are explained with the use … Continue reading

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Pew Study Shows Americans Are Fed up with Government Surveillance

It’s a fact, most Americans are concerned about their online privacy. According to a Pew study released on November 12th, 80% of surveyed participants believed that Americans should be fully concerned with the government’s monitoring of phone calls and internet … Continue reading

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Facebook Messenger App Hits Half Billion User Mark

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is celebrating success, sort of. His Messenger app hit the 500 million user mark, closing the distance between it and competitor WhatsApp, with its more than 600 million users. Even though WhatsApp is considered a rival app, … Continue reading

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The Higgs Boson “God” Particle May Still Be Undiscovered

The Higgs Boson particle – also known as the “God” particle – was discovered two years ago. Or was it? The European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN reported to have discovered the Higgs Boson particle on July 4, 2012. … Continue reading

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Could Cyborg Cockroaches Save Your Life after a Natural Disaster?

Would you want to rely on a cockroach to find you during a rescue operation? North Carolina University scientists and researchers think it’s a fantastic idea. That’s why they have created a cockroach-like mini robot to do just that. So … Continue reading

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Hackers Took Emails with Credit Card Data in Home Depot Breach

Back in September, it was announced that like a number of other retailers, Home Depot had been hacked. The intruders stole the credit card and debit card information of 56 million customers. What was not announced until now is that … Continue reading

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New WireLurker Malware Targets Apple Devices iPhone and iPads

There’s some bad news for Apple lovers. Palo Alto Networks, Inc. discovered new malware that is targeting Apple devices, including iPhone and iPads. The family of malware is being called “WireLurker” and it can hit both Apple’s mobile operating systems … Continue reading

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After Getting it Wrong, Google ReTools Online Flu-Tracking Tool

Google got it wrong. Though the internet giant had the right motive and great technology in its arsenal, that apparently was not enough. With the intention of helping the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) accurately predict flu outbreaks, … Continue reading

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Drugstores CVS and Rite Aid Ditch Apple Pay as Payment Option

The Apple Pay system may be the latest in adds to the iPhone 6 and its future counterparts, but merchants aren’t yet biting on the up and coming technology – from Apple anyway. Nothing illustrates this as well as CVS … Continue reading

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