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Scientist Captures and Studies a Spider the Size of a Puppy

If you have any type of fear of spiders, you’re going to want to skip this article. Harvard entomologist Piotr Naskrecki was taking a late night walk through the rainforest in Georgetown, Guyana, searching for Katydids, when he thought he … Continue reading

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Drones Could Revolutionize the Study of Killer Whales and Other Marine Mammals

What could revolutionize ocean wild life conservation and study? A simple drone with a camera. That’s exactly what NOAA Fisheries and the the Vancouver Aquarium did. Using a custom-built hexacopter specially equipped with a high resolution camera, the scientists found … Continue reading

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NASA and Tree Rings Confirm 1934 Drought Worst in Last 1000 Years

As the state of California deals with its ongoing drought issues, predicted to continue well into 2015, NASA released a new study stating that the droughts we are experiencing are comparatively mild. That’s not to say that things aren’t bad, … Continue reading

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Archaeologists Unearth California Sphinx from Ten Commandments Film

In the California Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes, archaeologists are trying hard to ensure the preservation of the desiccated remains of a sphinx. Built nearly 100 years ago out of plaster, the sphinx was part of the set exclusively built for The Ten … Continue reading

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Saturn’s Moon Mimas Looks Like a Death Star but May Support Life

The number of cosmic orbs which have the potential of being “life-friendly” habitats continues to grow. The latest one to be added to this list is Mimas, one of Saturn’s moons. Scientists at Cornell University have observed the moon moving in … Continue reading

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X-37B Orbital Mini Space Shuttle Plane Lands at Vandenberg after Secret Mission

After two years of being in orbit, the Pentagon’s very hush-hush space plane, the X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle, touched down in Santa Barbara County, California. The plane landed at Vandenberg Air Force Base Friday morning. It’s mission, though, remains mysterious. … Continue reading

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Can a Chemical Found in Broccoli Help Treat Autism?

Researchers have found a chemical in certain vegetables reduces autism symptoms in those treated with it. Sulforaphane is found in cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower and has been shown to help adults and teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), otherwise known … Continue reading

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NASA’s Non-Photoshopped Pumpkin Sun is Spooky Halloween Perfection

It seems Halloween isn’t just for mere mortals. Celestial bodies like the sun seem to be getting into the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve as well. With the holidays just a few weeks away, the jack-o’-lantern photos NASA released are … Continue reading

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Fish Disappearing from Tropics Due to Rising Sea Temperatures

Researchers Miranda Jones and William Cheung, both from the University of British Columbia, recently put their study out in the ICES Journal of Marine Science, and the study predicts changes that could have profound effects on humankind and the environment, … Continue reading

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NASA Releases Spooky Photo of Pumpkin Sun Just in Time for Halloween

On Wednesday October 8, 2014, as sky-watchers were treated to naked-eye images of the blood moon, NASA captured a festive image of our sun, decked out for the spooky season. The image shows a crystal-clear picture of our sun, encircled in … Continue reading

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Sidewinder Snakes Help Scientist Develop Robot to Conquer Sandy Slopes

The unpredictable, fast-paced world of technology has taken another turn for the strange and beautiful. Robot serpents, slithering pieces of metal made to mimic the movements of sidewinding desert rattlesnakes, have been created by scientists to aid search and rescue … Continue reading

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Leaky Galaxy May help Explain the Origin of Light in the Universe

One galaxy 400 million years from Earth is fading away the darkness of the universe. The researchers located at Johns-Hopkins University discovered the compact galaxy named J0921+4509 while being funded by a grant from NASA. The galaxy produces young stars … Continue reading

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Stem Cell Breakthrough Could Eventually Cure Type I Diabetes, Help with Type II

Promising his diabetic children he would find a cure, Harvard Researcher Doug Melton is very close to keeping that promise. Using both stem cells from human embryos and human skin cells, Melton has found a way to make cells produce … Continue reading

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NASA Invites You to Send Your Name to Mars on the Orion Spacecraft

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming an astronaut, NASA is now offering a way, of a sort, for that to happen. NASA won’t send you into space, but they will let you add your name to a growing list of … Continue reading

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The Ocean Is Warming Faster than We Thought

Global warming is the product of an uneven divergence of energy. When solar energy enters Earth, it is supposed be reflected back into space. However, because of global warming, the energy gets caught within the atmosphere. Oceans absorb 90% of … Continue reading

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New Map of the Ocean Floor Discovers Thousands of Undersea Volcanoes

With the help of two satellite observatories (the European Space Agency’s CryoSat-2, and the Jason-1, operated by NASA and the French space agency CNES) researchers have created a new map of the ocean floor with the highest resolution in history. … Continue reading

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Are You Curious About This Article? Being So Will Help Improve Your Memory

If you clicked through to read this article because you’re curious about what it will say about improving your memory, there is a good chance your curiosity in learning about it will help you do exactly that. You’ll be more … Continue reading

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Thermotolerant Yeast Will Majorly Reduce Biofuel Costs

One way that we have reduced the cost of gasoline is to introduce mixtures of biofuels. Adding these in the future may save consumers even more money with the announcement that scientists have discovered hidden talents in one of the … Continue reading

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Climate Change Melting Ice Is Weakening Earth’s Gravitational Force

Does a portion of a continent have the ability to affect the Earth’s gravity? That is an interesting question to consider for anyone who lives on planet Earth. This question has recently surfaced in relation to Antarctica and the changes … Continue reading

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Water Found on Exoplanet the Size of Neptune. What Does This Mean?

In a quest that’s been going for many years. Astronomers and scientists have finally found evidence of water in the atmosphere of a planet that is almost four times the size of earth. The planet is in the constellation of … Continue reading

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