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Occupy Wall Street Strike Debt Retires Nearly $4 Million of Student Loan Debt

One of the offshoots of the Occupy Wall Street movement which has had a direct impact on individual lives is Strike Debt. This arm of the movement had a unique idea which has actually worked. The movement formed an entity … Continue reading

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Gilead Sciences Strikes Deal to Discount Hepatitis C Drug in Developing Countries

Some welcome news came yesterday for sufferers of Hepatitis C that live in developing countries. Hep C is a liver disease that can cause cirrhosis and death. It has been proven tricky to cure, with pharmaceutical companies investing decades of … Continue reading

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Some Big Names to Attend Climate Change Summit in September

A list was recently published by the United Nations (UN), and it reveals the names of those representing the 125 countries who are expected to attend the Climate Summit in New York, hosted by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The summit … Continue reading

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Sharks and Manta Rays Get New Protection

In what has been seen as the most significant move in the last 40 year history of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (Cites) to protect sharks and manta rays from extinction, all trade in five species named … Continue reading

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Government Puts the Train before the Station: Seeks Nuclear Waste Train Cars

The Obama administration and the United States government have sought out help from companies to come up with methods of safely hauling nuclear waste via existing railroad tracks. The Government is also unsure as to whether they should purchase or … Continue reading

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President Obama Declines Ice Bucket Challenge as ALS Charity Reaps $4 Million

The ALS Association has been reaping huge rewards from the Ice Bucket Challenge. Since July 29, the association has raised more than $4 million, compared to $1.1 million over the same period last year. That includes donations from some 71,000 … Continue reading

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China Exports Soar with Record July Trade Surplus

China posted record trade surplus numbers in July with soaring exports, statistics which aren’t going to please Washington. China’s trade surplus how stands at $47.3 billion, up 15.7 billion from June, when it sat at $31.6 billion. The US believes … Continue reading

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President Obama Signs Bill Making It Legal to Unlock Cell Phones

Good news for consumers. Last month both the Senate and House of Representatives passed a bill which allows customers to unlock their cellphone so it isn’t tethered to a specific service provider. President Obama has now signed the legislation turning … Continue reading

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Congress Finally Compromises to Ease Veteran Healthcare Wait Times

There’s some good news out of Congress for Veterans and their health care needs. Tension was resolved over the weekend with a compromise reached between VA leaders, Bernie Sanders and Jeff Miller,on a bill to aid veterans faced with long … Continue reading

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Google to Stop Listing Games with In-App Purchases as “Free”

It began in December last year, when the European Commission issued a statement to market leaders (namely Google and Apple) which requested that they begin transparent labeling practices on games with hidden costs. The commission finally realized that many app … Continue reading

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Apple Settles over E-Book Fixing Scandal but Is It Good for Consumers?

Though still maintaining its innocence, Apple has agreed to settle with the Department of Justice (DOJ) on e-book price-fixing cases in 33 different states. On July 9th this year the technology giant and a group of publishers were found guilty … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Defends Speaking Fees Going to Charity: Fees Former Top Politicians Get

Hillary Rodhan Clinton has defended her six-figure speaking fees at universities by saying these fees haven’t gone to her for the past year and a half, but to charity through the Clinton Foundation. The controversy came to a head when … Continue reading

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