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Apple Pay Debuts This Monday, but Will Anyone Notice?

The advent of technology has resulted in an indifference for, even discomfort with, face-to-face social interaction, and an almost desperate need for accessibility, efficiency and haste. The Tech Generation wants it all, now, without having to make eye contact with … Continue reading

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Time to Refinance? Dropping Mortgage Rates Should Make You Consider the Option

With the drop in mortgage rates seen this week, millions of Americans are now asking themselves if it’s finally time to refinance their mortgage. The sudden drop in rates, caused by plunging stocks as fears over Ebola, global economic weaknesses, … Continue reading

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Snapchat Ads Debut This Weekend, but They Promise They Won’t Be Creepy

Snapchat is barreling into the advertising age and will go live with paid ads on its site by the end of the weekend. These ads are guaranteed not to be “creepy.” To deliver on that statement, Snapchat ads will be … Continue reading

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Severe California Drought Was Driest Ever Bringing Back Memories of 1934

The drought this summer was the worst California has ever seen in a generation. Strict water warnings were implemented. Running water was cut off to some homes, leading them to have bottled water delivered to western state counties. It could … Continue reading

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President Obama has Credit Card Declined, First Lady Comes to the Rescue

It isn’t only the average person who has issues with their credit cards from time to time. As President Obama talked about the need for tighter security against credit card data breaches, he mentioned that his credit card ended up … Continue reading

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An Easy Way to Get Teens to Stop Drinking as Much Soda: Link It to Exercise

Here’s a question that everyone should be asking the next time they pick up a soda. Is the soda worth walking five miles or running for an hour? That’s exactly how long it would take to work off every can … Continue reading

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MasterCard’s New Biometric Credit Card Allows You To Pay With Your Fingerprint

With all of the credit card security breeches taking place, credit card issuers are looking at a number of ways to make payment transaction more secure. In this scramble, money exchange technology is reaching new heights most of us wouldn’t … Continue reading

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In a Disaster Area? Facebook Safety Check Tells Friends and Family You’re Okay

Fortunate enough to escape the tornado or hurricane that just hit your town? Facebook has just released Safety Check, a new feature that lets concerned people know you’re okay. Back in 2011, after the Japanese tsunami killed 15,884 people, Facebook’s … Continue reading

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It’s Financially Good to be Father: Dads Earn 41% More than Childless Men

Have you ever wondered why you’re single and broke? While being a single man may give you more freedom than being married with kids, having children gives men a bigger salary. According to a new study, men with kids earned … Continue reading

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Farmers Get Piglet Virus under Control Which May Mean Lower Pork Prices

Over the last year, a virus in the pig community has run rampant killing millions of baby pigs while causing pork prices to rise considerably. Warmer weather and efforts from pork farmers to better sterilize their operations have helped to … Continue reading

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Columbus Day Sales: Major Retailers Open and Closed on October 13, 2014

Columbus Day is one of those strange federal holidays which doesn’t really seem like a holiday to many. That’s because even though it’s an official federal holiday and non-essential federal employees get the day off, there are many businesses which … Continue reading

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FDA Approves Single-Dose $1125 a Pill Hepatitis C Cure as Breakthrough Drug

A new drug called Harvoni, to treat chronic hepatitis C virus genotype 1 infection (HCV), has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), but it comes with a hefty cost, at $1125 per pill . That means that … Continue reading

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Are Banks and Credit Unions Open or Closed on Columbus Day 2014?

It’s a guessing game many of us go through each time a federal holiday is about to be celebrated. Is this business or that business going to be open or not? This can be especially confusing when the federal holiday … Continue reading

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Flies Found To Be Critical In The Beer-Making Process

Who knew that flies have the same penchant for beer as we do? Scientists have only recently realized that for the last million or so odd-years, those pesky flies hovering over brewing beer are actually responsible for dispersing the yeast, … Continue reading

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What’s Open and Closed for Columbus Day 2014

Remembering which businesses will be open and closed on US federal holidays can get confusing. This is especially true for Columbus day since there are some states and cities which don’t recognize it. For those who plan to be out … Continue reading

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Are Post Offices Open or Closed on Columbus Day 2014?

As the different holidays come around, it sometimes can be difficult to know what is and isn’t open. It gets even more confusing for a holiday like Columbus Day, where some establishments are open while others are closed. Add the … Continue reading

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Pepsi and Coke Lobby Against Junk Food Tax in US as Mexico Tax Hurts Earnings

When it comes to junk food taxes, there’s a lot of money to be lost if they take effect. That is one of the reasons the two biggest names in the beverage industry have been spending millions of their earnings … Continue reading

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Facebook’s New Advertising Feature Knows Exactly Where You’ve Been

Is Facebook getting creepier or cooler? On Tuesday the social media site released “Local Awareness Ads,” a new feature that advertises┬álocal businesses to users depending if they’ve been physically near that specific venue. The ad may show up on your … Continue reading

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Ways People Make Money Playing McDonald’s Monopoly 2014

While the vast majority of people look forward to McDonald’s Monopoly each year for the prizes (most notably, the $1 million Boardwalk game piece prize), there are a set of people who look forward to the game for a different … Continue reading

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Driving with Hands-Free Devices Still Puts You in Danger

In order to promote safer driving, some states have implemented laws and regulations. Some of these safety measures include no cell phones unless they are hands-free devices, and no texting while driving or else you can be ticketed. While I … Continue reading

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