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There is a tradition in Japan of giving money to children at the New Year. The money comes from parents, grandparents and relatives – and is called “otoshidama.” Due to this money, most Japanese children are excited about New Years … Continue reading

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One of the things that I strongly believe is that there are literally hundreds of opportunities just waiting to be acted upon. I just have to shake my head when people say things like “there isn’t anything that I can … Continue reading

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Negotiating When Things Go Wrong

I wrote back on the 20th about our Internet connection finally being fixed after getting the run around for months. I’m happy to report we haven’t had any problems since then with the connection and my wife had a little … Continue reading

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Business Worth Over $2.85 Million

I like it when I can dream a bit like this. While the numbers are taken completely out of context with our site being as small as it is compared to the biggies, I read the following at Based … Continue reading

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Gift Cards & Money Laundering

I came across and interesting article about the dark side of gift cards and how they are being used by criminal elements to launder money. These aren’t the store brand gift cards, bur the credit card bank affiliated gift cards … Continue reading

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For New Yorkers

Money magazine is looking for people living in New York to help and interview on the following subjects: Would your family like to purchase a big-ticket item this year — a big screen TV, a new car? Have you not … Continue reading

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Internet Connection Solved

We have had a problem with our Internet connection for the last 6 months. Most of the time it works, but there would be periods where it would go out for hours, even days, and we couldn’t gain access. It … Continue reading

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Bunches of Carnivals

I submitted to a number of carnivals this past week, something that I haven’t done for a couple of weeks becasue I’d been working on some other goals. The carnivals always give a nice variety of reading on the subject … Continue reading

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What’s Your Dream Job?

What’s your dream job? If you know what it is but haven’t been able to get the motivation together to try to begin pursuing it. Kiplinger’s is giving you an opportunity to try. The deadline to enter is January 6, … Continue reading

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Cyber Monday Over, Hacker Tuesday Here

According to an article over at usatoday, today is Hacker Tuesday. It seems that cyberthieves like today to try and scam because it’s the last day customers can order gifts online and have them delivered on time without having to … Continue reading

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One’s and Zero’s –

This post is not personal financial related except adding another site to our growing list, but for those of you who enjoy computer programming and such, it should be of double interest. While discussing with Nate about what new names … Continue reading

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Personal Finance Net Worth % Change Ranking – November 2005

It was suggested in an email that following the percentage change in the net worth of the personal finance writers would be a good way to compare how they did against each other during the month. While it isn’t a … Continue reading

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Personal Finance Net Worth Ranking – November 2005

Here is the November 2005 net worth ranking: Most of the changes occured at the top of the order. Chrees’ World comes onto the scene in the #2 position. pfblog remained at #3 overtaking Boston Gal’s Open Wallet which fell … Continue reading

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The New $10 Bill

A look at the new $10 bill that will begin being distributed in March 2006:

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Driving Nate Nuts

I think I’ve been driving Nate nuts lately – trying to come up with good themes for the satellite sites means that we have to get creative to come up with names that will work and are still available. Of … Continue reading

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When It Pays To Take A Pay Cut

There is an article over at on when it pays to take a pay cut. This struck a chord with me immediately because of the large monthly cut I have voluntarily taken to try and make the websites my … Continue reading

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Rule Of 72 Calculator

Most of you are probably aware of the rule of 72 – it’s an easy way to calculate the approximate number of years it will take for your money to double based on a fixed interest rate. Simply divide 72 … Continue reading

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Nickled & Dimed – Hidden Costs

I’ve been thinking about hidden costs lately when I came across this post in the forums from princessperky As I knelt down to change my newest additions diaper, I realized I should turn on the light already. And I thought … Continue reading

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Tofu Dinner

After reading my post about the $235 strange food dinner my wife said the other night that I should really give a different perspective of Japanese food to my readers and then told me she had the perfect spot we … Continue reading

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Hate Phone Trees? Cheat Sheet To Find A Human

I stumbled upon this excellent resource at Paul English that gives an extensive cheat sheet on how to bypass the annoying phone tree you get when you call a company and instead talk with a live person. Nothing is more … Continue reading

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